A Perennial Tea

Many of the teas of the world are grown in foreign countries and slowly migrate over to the western part of the world. This is not the case for horehound tea. Horehound tea grows wildly in the pastures and the meadows of the United States, Canada and in some parts of Europe. Being a perennial, the horehound plant will continue to grow year after year and will produce leaves that can be picked and turned in to a wonderful tea. The look of the horehound plant can be a bit off setting as it has a rough texture on top and a wooly type of texture underneath.

Even though the horehound plant has a strange look, the leaves are what are important. The leaves of the horehound plant are green and white and have a wrinkled look to them. These wrinkly looking leaves are what are picked, dried and what will eventually become tea that will be consumed. Wither there being so many different teas available on the market, it makes sense to know what each tea is best used for and what the best way is to consume that tea to make sure each drink is worth it. This is true for horehound tea.

Some people may be put off by the flavor of horehound tea at first because it is a very bitter flavor. Some people can adjust to the flavor over time but most people find themselves adding a bit of lemon juice or molasses to the tea. The lemon juice and the molasses will cut down the bitter taste some and will add a hint of sweetness. It is also recommended that horehound tea be consumed at a lukewarm temperature for the best results.

While the taste of the tea can be negative, the benefits of drinking horehound tea are very positive. Drinking horehound tea is recommended for everyone young and old but when it comes to pregnant women, that is where the recommendations stop. There has not been enough scientific research done to guarantee that women who are pregnant will not be harmed in any way from drinking horehound tea in any form. Horehound tea that is consumed on a regular basis has been said to help with headaches, sinus infections and sore throats. Drinking tea may not be for everyone but there are many positive effects that can be seen from drinking tea on a regular basis.

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