Horehound Tea Benefits - Many Uses

Horehound tea is a type of tea that can be found growing wild in meadows and pastures in Europe, Canada and the United States. Most teas are found in foreign lands and take many centuries to make their way to the western side of the world. With horehound tea, the western world has their own type of tea grown locally and they are able to advantage of all the horehound tea benefits. Most people when they drink tea assume they are drinking a beverage rich in antioxidants. While this is true of horehound tea but there are still many more advantages.

The first quality about horehound tea that most people will notice is the taste. The tea is very bitter in taste and this can turn many people off and keep them away from all of the benefits. To fight the bitter taste, people have been known to add lemon juice or molasses to give horehound tea a sweet taste. Horehound tea is also best when consumed at a lukewarm temperature. A lukewarm temperature is highly praised by people with colds as one of the biggest horehound tea benefits is that the tea will help fight off the effects of a cold.

Coughing, sore throats, breathing trouble and lung troubles can all be associated with the common cold and helping to combat all of these are some of the horehound tea benefits. It is recommended to drink horehound tea on a regular basis but if consumption of horehound tea is began or upped during these symptoms; people have said their symptoms have gone away much faster. Once the symptoms have gone away, the drinking of the horehound tea can go back to previous levels.

Sinus infections are another area that horehound tea benefits. A sinus infection can be caused by the weather, by a cold that is coming or going or it can be caused by allergies. No matter what the cause, it has been said that drinking horehound tea during a sinus infection will help to clear out the sinuses and fight off the infection. Horehound tea has been known to reduce the amount of time a person will be suffering from a sinus infection. People who suffer from chronic sinus infections are finding help with horehound tea. Horehound tea may not be right for everyone but there is mounting evidence that horehound works and many people are seeing positive results.

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The benefits of tea has an incredibly wide range of uses due to the various teas we can create. You should always look for information on local plants, foreign teas, and natural products to really learn what tea can do for you. Horehound Tea is one of many teas that can substantially increase your health.